Ovarian Cyst Relief

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Although most ovarian cysts either do not show any symptoms or accompanied with very painful conditions. Ovarian cyst relief is possible for both instances and deals with primarily reducing and eliminating the ovarian cyst as well as addressing any accompanying pain.

Tips On Ovarian Cyst Relief

Progesterone is one of the hormones that plays a role in conception and pregnancy and also regulates the monthly menstrual cycle. It is therefore used in ovarian cyst relief by making the body environment unwelcome for ovarian cysts by simulating pregnancy. Xenoestrogens are chemicals that when ingested affect the normal hormone activity of the body. One increasingly recognised methods of ovarian cyst relief is to avoid these chemicals as follows:

Use glass or ceramics to heat food avoid using plastics which diffuse into foods.

Use simple detergents that contain less chemicals and avoid fabric softeners.

Avoid skin lotions and creams that contain parabens as a preservative and use vegetable oil after bath or shower to keep the skin moist.

Keep away from coffee, normal and decaffeinated and beer. Sunflower seeds, Red Clover tea and Camomile tea.

When cooking avoid using herbs and spices that block the action of natural progesterone such as Oregano, nutmeg, turmeric, Thyme, Cumin, Fennel and cloves.

Depending on the type of cyst, a low-dose birth control pill can help dissolve the cyst.

Daily morning exercise helps to activate the liver. When the liver becomes more efficient and bile flows better encouraged by the use of Chinese Bitters and Coptis, ovarian cyst relief is achieved as the increased metabolism is carried out in the liver destroys ovarian cysts.

Some herbs have been proved to provide ovarian cyst relief Echinacea increases the white blood cell count and increase the bodies efficiency in dealing with abnormal cells including ovarian cysts.The liver benefits from Milk thistle as it encourages the detoxification process destroying abnormal cells, including ovarian cysts, which results in ovarian cyst relief. Other herbal therapies which result in ovarian cyst relief include blue cohosh and false unicorn root.

Dietary changes would involve adopting a more vegetarian diet with emphasis on beets, carrots, dark-green leafy vegetables, and lemons. Ensure that the vegetables are organic and non-organic vegetables will most likely contain xenoestrogens which are counter productive to ovarian cyst relief.

Castor oil packs may help in ovarian cyst relief by reducing inflammation and hydrotherapy applied to the abdomen sometimes helps prevent rupture of the cyst and assists its re absorption.

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Ovarian cyst relief is achieved mostly through natural methods by making changes to ones diet as well as supporting the bodies natural functions through herbs and reducing toxin intake.

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